Sunday, July 27, 2008

I plead guilty...but its the bacon's fault really!

Hibou humored me with a photoshoot over breakfast

Its been a long weekend, and that means bad eating habits :( I worked two doubles and a hostess shift ( as a favor, which will not happen again) this weekend which means 5 meals at Kazu in 3 days. Don't get me wrong, their food is no doubt all that and a bag of chips (do you all remember saying that? no? just me?) but its rich food and its really messes up my normal eating schedule. And plus! The last few days I have been on a egg and bacon kick..once I open the bacon pack I just can't stop thinking about it! So today I went back to my basics with a simple breakfast of fresh raspberries, organic applesauce, a small brie sandwich (thanks jon) and OJ. I like to eat lots of fresh, raw, simple food when I'm not planning full scale meals for jon and myself. Next on my list is bread. I have been really negligent in my bread making... but to defend myself a little...where can you find cracked wheat! I have been wanting to make a bread with cracked wheat and just cannot find the stuff!

PS. yesterday was Riz (the sushi-man) Aaron (the manager) and Kazu (the owner) 's birthday...3 in one day in our tiny restaurant! So I made brownies this morning to celebrate. Kazu says I will make a good housewife one day...gee fanks


Annie said...

Yum! Those brownies look sinful! Did you make them in muffin tins?

Now, for the bread, I should have shown pictures of the loaves I made in my round cake pans! I actually made three batches of bread the other day, and ran out of bread pans, so I doubled up the dough and made round loaves. The baking time was a little bit longer, and the loaf bigger, obviously, but they turned out great! I think pyrex pans would be fine, also, and I've even shaped loaves and baked them on cookie sheets for a more rustic looking bread. Hope that helps!

Pang said...

maybe next time you come over, you could teach me how to make bread! i loves bread! YUM!