Thursday, July 24, 2008

So I spent the day in the ol' stomping ground - Lake Linganore, with my two younger sisters, Riley (10) and Sydney (13). It was sweet. Riley brought a friend so she played a lot, and Sydney and I swapped stories and talked never-ending family drama. Eventually Sydney and I got tired of sunbathing and got in the water with Riley and her friend. We dug in the sand under the water to find clay and Riley and her friend made a giant elephant dung pile which she insisted on taking home.

Afterwards we cooked out with Jon Gobiel, Erik Meehan, Trey and Mandi. We made Salmon on cedar planks, and we burned the planks to no return. Sad because the planks cost 5 bucks each. I will post the recipe tomorrow, and take my advice..make sure you soak the planks real good like...and then spray them more on the grill with water.
Then! We tossed the frisbee around to get some practice. I am real fib, real bad. I haven't decided it my right or left hand feels more natural. Im left handed, but I do so many things right handed (golf, throw a ball, ect) that its hard to know which hand to use sometimes. Anyhow here are some pictures of that and just a few night shots of Frederick.

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