Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello World!

So my friend Pang inspired me to start a blog with her cute little blog
   Pretty Little Fings
So Hibou (my cat and constant companion when she isn't brooding) and I will be documenting our lives here from this day onward.  Here are some pictures of us to get you acquainted.  This was back in December so we both look a little different now but you get an idea of our relationship I'm sure.
This was just shortly after I got my Mac so we were studiously learning the ins and outs of my power machine which was oh-so-necessary for my photographic endeavors.
Hibou was a tiny little kitten that my friend found on the side of the highway who is now my affectionately feral crack-baby. When I first got her she used to love to perch on my shoulder (she's way to big now for me to support this habit) and she has giant staring yellow eyes - both of which contributed to her name: Hibou, which is French for owl.
We have had our rough patches, like when I "abandoned" her for two weeks when I went to France and got the silent treatment for a week or so after coming back. By silent treatment I mean running away from me and constantly showing me her butthole instead of her face. But despite all this we are the a close-knit pair who always enjoy a good book - well actually Hibou enjoys kneading my gut, laying on my arms and purring in my face, and rearranging herself 5 millions times - while I read.


the tess said...

i didn't know you were a programmer.... or was the hello world just sweet coincidence?

Lacey said...

haha...i didnt know you were a programmer either, funny Jon said the same thing when he saw that.