Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Prize! I Wiin!

A while back Pang posted her 100th post and she had a little giveaway and I was one of the winners. Well last week at Crafty Bastards Pang surprised me with a little Fing, all for me.

Isn't he/she cute :) Pang knows Im a weenie dog lover, so she knew I would be happy with anything that included a ween...oh how silly us daschund enthusiasts are. And the little handmade card is a nice touch too


Tess said...


Tess said...

OMG!!!! Lacey I just read Pang's blog (caught by the intriguing bat title) and can't believe you guys just watched The Fall. SO DID WE!!! We watched it Tuesday night and loved it. One of my professors recommended it (we're always talking about movies). What did you guys think?? Did you ever see Big Fish? How did you think it compared out of curiosity? too funny... :)

I'm jealous of your scarf making. It reminds me that it will soon be chilly there and meanwhile the weatherman stripped next week of any high temperatures in the 70s and 60s (which used to be there). Sad day... On the upside Valerie's (dunno if you remember Val from when I was little) mom is commissioning a painting from me for her room. I am quite excited... :)

Lacey said...

We loved the movie actually :) Jon and I took it to his parents house Sunday. Jon's dad is really hard to please with movies and he said several times how much he liked it and we hardly heard a peep out of him (he has been known to complain loudly throughout the entire movie).
I'd say it compares very well to Big Fish. The colors, the style, the storytelling, jumping from past to present.
We spectulated that through several scenes the little girl, Alexandra, wasn't following a script. Like when she keeps saying "what? what that means?" when he's talking about the cracker (whats it called..the ucrist? how is it spelled, i know how it sounds) and if she was trying to save his soul.
What did you think of the scene after she falls when they are doing surgery on her and they are pulling the map out of her head and pinning her down like a butterfly. That style was totally weird and out of nowhere but seemed to fit despite that.
I love how he brings the movie together in the end where Roy shows the movie he was in and you can see where the characters came from and how different they are from her imagination, and things start to make sense. Like the Indian who wouldn't loot at other "squaws" and he locked up his "wigwam" which made no sense at first but makes perfect sense when you see that Roy was talking about a Native American, but she was only used to India Indians so thats what she thought of.
The part where he is killing everyone off at the end is pretty intense, and really just made me in awe of this little girls acting skills and how well she pulled that off.
A review of the movie says that :
"Tarsam spent millions of his own money to finance "The Fall," and filmed it for four years in 28 countries" Pretty impressive. It also means they had to film all the little girls parts in a short period of time so her changing appearance wouldn't mess with the perception of the movie.
Pretty amazing movie in all. That's funny that you guys just watched it too :)

three buttons said...

How cute!!

Many apologies for not getting back to you sooner regarding This Is. Thank you for joining, I've added you to our blog roll.

Every week I nominate someone from the roll to end the sentence This is..., then every Sunday we post about it.

Thank you again.
Angela x

Jon said...

It's eucharist. I actually think I liked Big Fish more. I think there was a lot more emotion in it and I think everything was grander in that imaginary story than in the girl's interpretation of The Fall story. They were definitely both very good movies though. I really enjoyed The Fall--I'm just not sure it pulled me in as well as Big Fish. I think I'd enjoy multiple viewings of Big Fish and maybe not of The Fall. I have to admit, though, that Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors, so I think he brought a lot to the story. He's great at playing the naive romantic--like in Moulin Rouge (another movie I could watch over and over).

Having said that, though, I do think The Fall had its own grand moments. I specifically recall enjoying the scene where the crazy nature/prehistoric guy got directions from all those people that appeared out of the mud.