Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skinny Scarf and Wee Glasses Case

Pang and I had a little sewing circle on Monday, for the first time in a while. I really wanted to wow her so I decided to make two different little projects (look at how fast your pupil has grown!). The first thing I made was a skinny scarf. I bought this cool, light slippery fabric with Pang a while back for this purpose, but had just never gotten around to doing it. The lady that cut it did a bad job (Pang says this is not her fault...i don't see how that is possible) so the scarf ended up being even skinnier than I had planned but I kinda like that now.

Here is the fabric up close, a blue tiny houndstooth

Here it is, frayed edges and all. I decided I liked the frayed edges so rather than fold them in I just stitched it shut and let those little guys be free.

And here is me being too lazy to set up a tripod and give you a nice picture, but you get the idea of it anyhow

Next I made another glasses case. The first glasses case I made a few months ago is too big and every time I pull it out the glasses are hardly ever in it, so it was time to make a new one. Using the napkins I bought a while back I made a double patterned one this time, which I think turned out rather cute..if a bit on the wee side.

From the front

From the back

And the napkin fabric inside

Also I took Pang to Ab Attack, which she did not thank me kindly for. Sorry :( Its good for you though, really, how will you get your washboard abs without the pain? It was a particularly hard class this time, but there was no way for me to have known. I made it up to her with some fresh bread.


Tess said...

LOVE the scarf!!! Too cute! I am very jealous of your sewing circle time. All my free time these days goes to painting, which I love, but would enjoy being able to do other things too. lol

I'd probably have sided with Pang on the ab attack... but largely in part due to my complete aversion to the words 'working out' :)

Lacey said...

Thanks :) Pang and I are trying to be more committed to a weekly sewing circle, especially because we are having a booth together in a craft fair/ live music show in a few weeks. I haven't made anything for it yet, but I think if I crank out a bunch of these little scarves and make some baked goods I will be able to hold up my end.
Painting is definitely something I envy you. Im having enough trouble drawing skeletons and hands in black and white...color and layers just sounds scary and would not doubt be a disaster for me.

Tess said...

Craft fair sounds awesome! Make sure to post pictures!! I'm so jealous you have the time to do all of that! Graduate school is working me overtime lately. But, I guess that's what I get for cranking out a master's in a year. :/ It's 1:30am right now, and I should be working on a critical analysis of Elliot Eisner's work and methodologies in arts-based research. *blah* I enjoy my classes a lot usually, but this paper is killing me.

I've done several wiener dog paintings as of late for my independent study. I'll have to post them on facebook. I was joking with my professor that I figure those are a pretty good bet. Wiener dog people are obsessive and usually go bezerk. I'd do well to find a niche there if I ever try to sell any. One of the women working on her phD thinks I could sell them, but I don't want to... I'm too attached. What I DO want to do is maybe make a set of greeting cards out of them. Even if other people don't buy them, I would like to use them lol. Not even sure where I'd want to start though...

Have you done any figures in your drawing class yet (non skeleton)? I was looking over the drawing class's work here at a&m this morning with my painting professor. It made me wish I was taking another drawing class. You should check out George Bridgeman's drawings- crazy intense. He can relate a figure with such confidence and economy. His understanding of form and anatomy is machine-like.

Anywho... enough procrastinating, away I go to read & analyze articles :(

Lacey said...

today is actually our first day of figure study with a live model, so we will see how that goes. I will be sure to post my awkward alien drawings when I get them back.
I'll check out that artist later tonight, thanks.