Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Taste of Philly

So the weekend before last Jon and I went to Philly to celebrate being together for 4 years- i know, right. Neither of us had ever been there and we really like going to cities.

We started our trip there with a ghost tour. We had been on a ghost tour in St. Augustine that was pretty cool. No ghosts of course but some cool stories and history.

This tour ended up being a total drag. The stories were lame. But we did get to see some parts of the city we might have missed otherwise. We stopped here at a graveyard and the tour guide urged us to take pictures and catch a ghost.

Going to the city always means shopping. Surprise it's me in the dressing room!

Cities also mean mannequins :) I don't know that this one makes the cut though. Not as impressive as the rest of the group

Philly has some lovely parks and squares, all the more alluring because of the fall foliage

Here is a charming picture of Jon eating some super greasy fries at Monks. This place was known for their selection of beer. We met a guy there that was in Philly working for the Obama campaign for college credit. He recommended we try Flying Dog. Silly boy, that beer is made in Frederick! That's our beer. Pretty cool though. About a third of the way through these fries I started to get some gut giggles and I knew I was done for. We speculate that those fries were just pulled out of the bottom of the fryer and had been there all day.

And what trip to Philly would be complete without a cheesesteak? I was being snobby and got provolone on mine but Jon was smart and got the cheese wiz topping, and I must say, his did have more flavor, and once you started eating it you kinda forgot that the "cheese" came out of a sloppy can of goo.

All in all Philly was great. Expensive drinks though!

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