Saturday, January 31, 2009

Following Clues

Alright, I did a little more work on the series. Im adding a sense of mystery. There is something strange going on, something the "character" doesnt understand yet.

These next 3 are the first in the 3 picture series. I cant decide which I want to go for. Which one seems best?

I like the angle of the foot in this one

This one is the least dramatic

alright then this is the second

and the third

ps I will be cropping that annoying edge of the sign out of the final pictures

And Plus! A gratuitous self pic...Brittney would be proud


fgray01 said...

In my completely uninformed opinion, I like the first one best.

Also, Blogger is making me type "buguhno" to prove I'm man, not machine. Bug? Oh, no!

Anonymous said...

i like the second one. the one with the foot angle you like.

Lacey said...

thanks for the input ladies :)