Friday, January 30, 2009

Visionary Art Museum

I had a few days off of work so I decided to go out to Frederick, to the homeland and hang out with some friends. Today I went out to Baltimore to see Eric and we went to the Visionary Art Museum, a first for both of us. I had heard a lot about this museum from Brittney and other people at Shepherd so I have been wanting to go for a while. It turned out to have a lot of really cool stuff in it. Unfortunately, you are not supposed to take pictures there so I only got a few and I had to get them on the sly. Here are a few pictures I did manage to get though.

vom vom :) any art that included vom is enough to entertain me

I took this one for Junior

This was a giant self portrait sculpture of a West Virginia native (yeah they kinda look like this) made completely out of telephone wire

For some reason there were funhouse mirrors by the bathroom

We ate at the Rusty Scupper (weird, unappetizing name right?) and traded stories about being single which is still kinda a novelty for me to be able to contribute. So the lull of conversation Eric says with an ironic smile..."So is this the longest you've ever been single?" Damn...was that a zing zow on me? I tried to explain how I am monogamous by nature, how I get fiercely loyal to those Im involved with and just cannot comprehend the notion of casually dating several people instead of being in a love-based relationship with one person. He kinda just looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I am.

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