Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Work..finally

So I just spent a week in Florida which was lovely and relaxing but best of all it inspired me to start a new series. Much of my previous work deals with themes like isolation and separation so it seemed natural to continue on this theme but bring it to a more personal level by using myself as the main "character." I can't wait to push this further and do scenes in shepherdstown or DTF. It started with this sequence:

I did this the first night of my trip. I love all my grandmas old furniture and lamps and things. I envisioned this shot in my head days before coming to Florida. I always stay in this room. That's how I usually work, actually, I see the photograph in my head when I am trying to go to sleep and then I try to reproduce what I saw. And this is what I ended up with. Then after this series as I was going to sleep I started thinking of beach scenes and ended up with these:

and this one:

and then there is this set that I haven't made my mind up about just yet..i dont know if i like it enough to include it

I think it just has the wrong feel for the series perhaps...what do you all think?


tess said...

Hey girl! Love the new series photos! I like the last one, but I can see where it doesn't fit in with the others as well. The camera is really close and bright on you, which I love, but it makes it feel more personal to me- like the viewer is there with you- makes it seem a LOT less isolated or separated. I also feel like it progresses less than the others for some reason. That being said- I LOVE the first shot in the series of you on the bike. So my objection isn't at all to the photos, I just don't they convey isolation and separation as richly as the other series do. Plus, something about them seems really cheerful. I would say it's the color, but Edward Hopper was a master at isolation & separation & used plenty of color. Either way, they all look great! :)

jeremy said...

i think the bike ones work. it seems to say that the girl is trying to live her life and be happy but its not working even on the beautiful beach. i dont know...they are amazing though.

Lacey said...

thanks guys :) the feedback is definitely appreciated. I will do my best to deliver more soon.

Kiddo said...

Maybe if you do a couple more like the bike ones, (tight on subject, brightly lit) expand the overall series, then there wouldn't be such a disconnect between them.

I really like the more complicated composition with the bike.