Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shopping on a snow day

Last post of the day I swear! I have just been saving a few up I guess.

The other day...Wednesday I guess it was. It snowed so my plans for antiquing in Frederick had to be put on hold. I was going to resign myself to a day of watching Lost (how sad right?) when Jr suggested I come with him to Charlestown since he had to go despite the snow. didn't compare to the Antique Emporium, but nothing does. But! I did find a few cool things.

This locket was only 5 bucks and I have been wanting one for a while. When I picked it out I told Jr "I can put a picture of me and Pang in here!" As expected Jr rolled his eyes. He suggested I put one of Hibou and Cj in it. I dont think so. I hates CJ. Then he said "how about you put a picture of you on one side and the silhouette of a man on the other." gee fanks.

Also I got a few ugly ties for the guys at work.

Then I found this cute book that I gave to Pang because she collects kids books. Its called "My Dog's Brain." Here are some of my favorite pictures.

hehe I love this one

Remy drives me crazy with this one

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