Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Search

I applied for a program to teach English in France. Its a long process and I dont find anything out for several more months and even after that it will be more months before I would go anywhere. Anywho! I was googling my name trying to see what the embassy would come across if they search my name, which they most likely will and I cam across this! I love it.


mlle noelle said...

Salut lacey,

I taught in France the year after I graduated college, in Toulouse. It was amazing. N'hésite pas à me contacter si tu as des questions, et je te souhaite de la bonne chance!
Noelle (simmer down)

Joshua said...

Awesome, Lacey. I hope you get it -- that would be an amazing opportunity.

katy said...

is there someone i can contact to BUY ONE OF THOSE?!

also -- france! i hope so!

Lacey said...

katy, this was on but it was "out of stock"...its a shame.