Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Jobby Job

Got myself another part-timer. Mandi White, lovely lovely little lady I had so many classes with asked me to start designing wedding albums for her, and gee how could I resist. So that's what I have been up to and why it seems like (alright it doesnt just SEEM like) I never leave facebook, because when Im not at work Im on the computer busting out pages. Here are some examples :)

I finished this guestbook today and gosh this couple is cute. PS...Mandi girl these are beautiful

This whole guestbook is done and!.

This one is the first album I did. An 80 sider..took a long time, more-so because it was the first, so Im still learning. The full album is here.

All the photos are taken by Mandi. Check out her website and her blog.

1 comment:

Nessa Kessinger said...

that looks so awesome! i'm a design-moron, so i've been all over the internet lately looking for awesome wedding book designs.

(you don't know how many crappy ones there really are until you try to find a few good ones)

these look bad ass, though. great job =D