Monday, February 9, 2009

Trivet...a fancy word for thing you put on the table to protect it from hot stuff....sheeeiit!

I've been collecting corks with the help of bar friends for forever now and I finally made the first trivet. This one is smaller than I wanted but it was more of a test really.

View from the top

here's the bottom

from the side...industrial meets rustic...


Kiddo said...

Very pretty! Are they just held by the metal hoop, or are they pinned/glued also?

How big do they come? are you going to do the whole pin board thing too?

Lacey said...

the metal loop is all the holds it together yes. I could glue them too but I dont know if I want to. The size depends on the size of the metal loops (hose clamps)

Anonymous said...

uuhhhmmmm, when you get here. i will give you all the corks you could dream of. i've been saving them for a loonngggg time.