Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Tryptic work

I woke up in a mood, and since I need to be in a mood to work on this series I figured I had better not waste the opportunity.

Then here are a few that didn't make it into a series


Tess Carter said...

i feel like this set should be put to music.

I'm not sure why. :) But I think it's a good thing. Maybe it's evoking emotion.

Nessa Kessinger said...

i love the mood of these! i love that you seem shy and thoughtful, and the location is awesome. i miss that place. =)

i want to make twoooo suggestions, though (haha, i have such a big mouth. you can shut me up if you'd rather not be critiqued. i know these are just for you, but i can't help myself)

one - dramatic lighting can add sooo much to photos. i won't shoot anything outside unless it's overcast, sunrise, or right before sunset. it's hard to get cool lighting effects if the sun is directly overhead, so i just don't fool with it anymore.

two - it seems like in a lot of photos your composition is really similar -- with the subject in the middle on the right 3rd of the image. which is totally fine (i'm a left 3rd girl myself when i'm not paying attention) but i'd like to see some fun experimental angles.

i need to shoot more. this is actually really inspirational. sorry if you didn't want feedback, but i really would like to see more of your self portrait series!!