Friday, October 30, 2009

BioBoa - Les Aventures Vegetarienne - Paris

This fancy little place situated right close to the Opera Metro stop and only a short walk from the Louvre caters to both meat and non-meat eaters. And as you French readers know, is also organic (Bio). Would highly recommend this place!

Bio Boa

3 rue Danielle Casanova 75001 Paris

Tel : 01 42 61 17 67

Open : Mon-Fri 11:00am-6:00pm
Closed : Sat, Sun, National Holidays, 2weeks in August

Budget : Smoothie 6€
Set Menu 1(Vegecheese+salad+dessert) 12.7€
Set Menu 2 (Soupe+Sandwich) 8.2€
Set Menu 3 (Hot plate+drink) 13€
A la Carte 10-25€

You order your food at the counter and are then given this cute little tray and some food tags. Then you can choose from plenty of shiny white tables or pop a squat in the window on the bar stools.

Ryan and I both got the veggie burger (there was a choice between tofu or mushroom and we chose mushroom). Turned out to be pretty great. Nice thick, almost sweet bun melted cheese, and a patty that seemed to be made of mushroom, quinoa, carrot and all kinds of yummy flavorings. Little side of greens and sprouts which we topped with balsamic vinegar.

Ate it all! Other things on the menu: Zucchini Risotto, Wok Veggie Fried Rice, Mushroom stuffed Crepe, Hamburgers. They also serve fresh juices, smoothies, and soup.

Plus! They have like 4 huge cases of pre-made take-out stuff!

lentil salad, green salad, pasta salad with chicken, beet salad, chickpea salad...these are just a few I saw.

chicken sammies, tofu sammies, veggie sammies. All tiny and cute and ready to take to a park and eat.

Soy puddings, yogurts, and other fancy little desserts.

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chelsea said...

wow that's awesome! i knew you'd find some vegetarian place over there. that's great. :) ah i can't wait to see some more pictures!!