Monday, February 8, 2010

Cheerio Marshmallow Treats

Before I came to france I fell upon vegan marshmallows at the Common Market and bought myself a little bag and brought them with me. While cleaning out my pantry and fridge this week (I'm traveling next week!) I came upon the bag of mallows tucked in the back of the pantry where I had forgotten them and decided to use them.

Vegan Mallow Cheerio Treats
1/3 cup veggie spread (or butter if you prefer)
1 bag mallows
a splash of vanilla (just because I love it)
5-6 cups of Cheerios or whatever cereal you like

1. Melt the veg spread or butter in a heavy bottom pan. Add the mallows and stir until they melt and all the lumps disappear.
2. Take the pan off the heat and stir in the vanilla, then add the cereal a cup or so at a time until you cant get them coated anymore.
3. In a lightly oiled cake pan or casserole, press the mixture into the pan with a piece of wax paper until it is evenly spread.
4. Let cool for a few hours and slice and serve.

I should say that the Marshmallows made by Dandies were excellent. Melted just like mallows and taste amazing!

Also I wanted to address the fact that I haven't been posting many recipes. Aside from the desserts I eat, I have turned into a fruit and veg addict lately. When I eat out I tend to stray a bit but at home I have been really on top of getting a balanced diet and I haven't been posting about it for fear that no one will want to hear about it.

Here is an example of things I have been eating lately. Grilled cheese with a mix of goat cheese and cheddar (cheddar did you say? Oh yes I found some expensive cheddar but its not quite what I was hoping for but still good) pesto, sprouts (mix of alfalfa, leek, and lentil) and cucumber. Salad with spinach, red cabbage, pom seeds, sunflower seeds, grapes, dried strawberries, and golden raisins, and a banana for dessert.
Boring? I have never felt better honestly. The teachers at work like to tease me because they say that I am ALWAYS eating (which is true, I eat 4 or 5 smalls meals a day now) but then they peek into my tuperware and see only salads and pita chips and cheese and dried apricots and then they aren't so miffed as to why I dont weigh 500 pounds.
Anyhow, I have plans for the future for more exciting meals so look out for: Black Bean and Butternut Squash soup, Nutella Pound Cake, Orange Cranberry Sauce over toasted Quinoa, Homemade Gnocchi, and Veg Enchiladas with Black Bean Salad in the nearish future.


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I don't find your meals boring. I am a vegan vegetarian and I've been searching Etsy for a vegan treats made with carob. I ran across your cousin Tess' blog in the forums and she mentioned that you post recipes on occasion.
Kim - your vegan marshmallow treats sound good. I've never had a vegan marshmallow.

Lacey said...

vegan marshmallows are surprisingly similar to traditional ones. Good luck finding your treats! I've been trying to eat vegan more and more often (not an easy thing to do in France) so I will try to post more vegan recipes.