Friday, February 26, 2010

Ingerland Ingerland Part 2: The Shopping

After the Bourough Market we decided to check out some shopping. Window shopping...certainly not things we could afford. We walked by the area where men get their fancy tailored suits made. We walked by Alexander McQueens store which was piled high with white flowers inside since it was only a few days after his death.
My favorite shopping area we went to on this day was Carnaby Street because its a bit more affordable and also has a lot of charachter. They even have an Irregular Choices!. If you aren't familiar - familiarize yourself. Adam talked me out of getting a pair of shoes. Too weird he thought. I was foolish enough to consider whether or not Ryan would like them and sought out the opinion of the only man around. Shoulda just bought em! We also went to a little place nearby called Kingly Court I think that had lots of vintage shops and boutiques and I was able to find myself a little blue vintage belt.

I can't remember what this corridor was called but it was shockingly lavish


Is this the look for this summer?

I made some friends. I forgot their names.

Adam is already fast friends with these guys apparently.

Also dropped in on the queen. She was home. We had tea and wore funny hats. She should consider painting that place. Looks a little drab with all that London rain falling on it all the time.

We also strolled by the Clink which is the oldest men's prison in London but is now a museum. That's where the phrase "to be in the clink" comes from!

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Pang said...

those cameos are out of this world!! and those guys look like total creeps!