Friday, February 26, 2010

Coast to Côte Week 7

Pang and I were a bit behind this week, sars!

Pang: The weather has been relatively mild so all of the snow is finally melting. We started moving into our new place this week and it's been so stressful! Our new apartment comes with rooftop access that is currently doubling as a pond...I'm thinking about giving Remy a bath in it...just kidding! All of the runoff has taken it's toll on the aged gutter also. It's corroded and falling apart, adding more water to the rooftop. At this instance, the light hit perfectly on the dripping water and I was able to capture the sparkling droplets.

Me: During the second week of my vacation I had the pleasure of staying with Pascal, who is a gym teacher at Donzelot, and his wife Isabelle. On the second day of my stay with them they let me loose on Bordeaux for a couple of hours by myself. This is a picture of the little man who sits on the back of a giant tortoise situated in the middle of Place de la Victoire. For some reason I am not finding hardly anything on the internet about this statue even though its in a well known Place, so I can't tell you who designed it. I thought this would be a nice representation of Bordeaux, which I found to be the pretties city I have visiting in France so far, because of the grapes the little man is holding and because of the dreary colors of the photo. In other words - Bordeaux is known for wine and rain, and I got my fill of both! This Place is located at the very end of Rue de St. Catherine which is the Rue of all Rues for shopping in Bordeaux.

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