Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coast to Côte Week 6

Pang (on the right this week): This picture pretty much sums up my emotions from the past week. I felt like a caged bird trapped indoors because of the snow nature had dumped on us. Shepherdstown is still digging itself out. Kids have not been in school for a week and I can't remember what this place looks like before all this white stuff. I really do love snow, but I guess I wasn't prepared to have all of this...I honestly don't think anyone was. I hope Spring comes soon.

Lacey: I spent the weekend in England visiting Adam and Lizzie. They had planned out a weekend that they thought would suit me and they got it absolutely right. We spent Saturday in London seeing the sights and visiting Caraby street and Kingly Court (where I bought a cute little vintage belt) and then Sunday we spent the entire day in Brighton (which is on the coast) winding through the Lanes (tiny streets filled with shops, closet sized streets in some places) and eating a traditional afternoon tea service, complete with tea treats, sammies, and scones. Right outside the Grand (where we had our tea) was this pier. Its called the West Pier, and it used to be this old fancy pier but it got burnt down. The town raised a bunch of money to rebuild it but it all fell through and was something of a scandal. Now it just sits on the coast, slightly downshore from Palace Pier which is decked out with lights, donut stands, and rides. The sun peaked out of the clouds for a brief second so we literally ran down the pebble beach so I could snap a few shots.

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Tess Carter said...

if I remember correctly, there were a lot of rumors that the one pier was behind the demolition of the other pier. Quite nasty as I heard... lol ;)