Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 17

Sorry this is so late folks! I was on vacay. Also...sorry Im only uploading half the picture. I have tried about a million times to upload the whole image but there is something wrong with the file, so this is only my half. To see the full image go to Pang's page.

Pang: The weather couldn't be more perfect today. My buddy and I took a blanket and our lunches and headed up to the monument and had ourselves a grand ol' picnic. While taking photographs of our fun day, I noticed a paper crane hanging from the tree we were sitting under. I love finding little random beauties like this.

Me: Same idea as last week really. Documenting the things I see on a regular basis that will remind me of home when I go back to old home. Im going to be seeing a good bit of this in the next few weeks. This is our train station - down on the .....what's the word in English for voie? I forget. Anyhow, Limoges has one of the prettiest train stations in France (its documented as such! but this isnt a picture of the pretty part) and I really love living so close to it. Next week I will hopefully have a travel picture for you - but its supposed to rain in Barcelona. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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