Friday, May 28, 2010

Creep People Party! Oh I mean Crepe....

Right before my sad/happy return to America, Remi and his family and girlfriend agreed to teach me the French art of crepe making! Turns out the recipe is pretty simple but making a beautiful crepe is not!

We tried to different variations of crepe batter - one with milk and a touch of rum and one with half milk and half beer. I think it was pretty much unanimous that the beer batter was the more flavorful and enjoyable of the two - which surprised me as Im not too crazy about beer.

So here you have it:

Simple Crepes
(makes about a dozen)

3 eggs
250 grams of flour
1/2 liter of milk (or half milk, half beer)
1 soup spoon of vegetable oil
a pinch of salt
a shot of rum (exclude if you are doing half beer)

Put all your ingredients in a blender and blend until....well blended. The tricky part is mastering the wrist motion for getting the perfect crepe. You may have noticed in the pictures that my crepes have substantial craters and holes in them. Im a beginner, obviously.

Ryan is going to be buying me a late birthday present of a brand new crepe pan (this present seems like it has some selfish motivation, but I wont say anything because im thrilled to be getting it :) so I fully intend to be an expect come next February 2nd, which is the celebration of La Chandeleur in France. As with all religious holidays in France - there is a certain food eaten in celebration. February 2nd is the crepes day to be flipped and filled and stuffed into mouths.

In preparation for this occasion Remi's mom equipped me with a gold coin and instructed me to flip a crepe up into the air and catch it in the pan, while holding the pan. If I could do this successfully my family would prosper for the rest of the year. You're welcome family - I caught it.

Remi's mom gave me a little book of crepe recipes before I left and promised that when I come back to Limoges she will give me a confiture (jam) recipe book so I can make all kinds of tasty fillings for my crepes.

Look for more crepe posts in my future - sugary and salty ones and for sure some dairy-free and vegan ones. Gluten free for my friend Johanna? Lets see what we can do here...

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