Friday, May 21, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 19

Pang: On Sunday, I had a photo shoot in Frederick. We took a few photographs in Baker Park and saw this adorable geese family in the water. Simone, the model I was working with, walked over to the water's edge as the whole family waddled right over to us. They got so close and right in the way. It was almost like they were saying "we're ready for our close ups now!"

Lacey: I had the most amazing weekend. Paula and I had the absolute fortune to be invited up to Northern France to stay with Xavier (who lives in the same building as me part of the week) and Catherine (his wife). This is a picture from the first day of our trip during our 6 hour drive up to Chateaubriant. Xavier catered to our every whim, pulling over several times so we could visit windmills, climb into sarcophagi, and admire the nuclear silos. This was really the perfect way to close out my time in France.

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