Monday, May 10, 2010

You Will Miss Us

There were days during this experience as an assistant when I just wanted to roll over and stay in bed. There were days when I did just roll over and stay in bed (I had the flu, calm down). There were days when I dreaded teaching certain classes, and then days - sometimes the same day - when I couldn't wait to see how the kids would react to what I prepared.

My children love me in fact. Even the craphead kids. On my last week my kids presented me with all kinds of presents and hand made cards! I in turn presented them with (the demanded) cakes and treats that I love to make - banana bread and buttermilk cake.

This girl looks like a mini Natalie Portman - and she's a really great student too - never gave me any flack, even when we did kinda boring stuff like filling in a map of the US. Plus...she remembered Hibou in her drawing!

This card came from a girl who I thought was totally bored to death by me. Maybe she was bored to death so she decided to make this card instead of listen to me talk :)

Inside of the same card.

Did you know I was famous?

Obviously if my kids learned anything about me - they learned I have a cat named Hibou. Im satisfied.

This was my favorite - so cute translation wise. The reason its so adorable is because its translated the way they would say it in French. For example - when they say "You will miss us a lot," what they mean to say is "We will miss you a lot." But in French you change the positions. This is a mistake I made a lot learning French and I didn't actually learn it correctly until I came here this year. To say I miss you in French you say "tu me manque" - translated literally " you are missing to me".

Two of my little girls in the 6eme Euro (6th grade 2 hour English class) bought me this Limoges porcelain! It was so cute - as I unwrapped it they kept saying "It's fragile, It's fragile!" and then right before I took off the last of the paper one of the little gift givers leaned over and said "Do you drink tea?" Not one for surprises that one :)

Thank you children - you will miss me!


Franny said...

Oh no! What did they keep saying??

Lacey said...

Bravo! Franny wins the "Do you actually READ my blog" test. Just kidding - I dont know how that got cut off at the end! Fixed now!