Monday, May 17, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 18

Late again - sorry!

Pang: I'm beginning to think that Spring is my favorite time of the year...not because the weather is gorgeous (cause it hasn't been at all), but because of all the pretty blossoms. Since I can't seem to grow anything, I love admiring other people's flowers. On a small farm down the street from where I work, there's always a field of poppies and peonies (peonies are just beginning to bloom) that I gravitate too this time of year. They look so gorgeous in bloom. The colors are beautiful and in I like the way the poppies sway back and forth when the wind blows, since their stems are so long. And when the leaves fall, the green grass is littered with pedals of coral, a sight to see.

Me: Spent the weekend in Barcelona. Amazing. If you ever get the chance to go here, DO IT! So Im cheating a little bit this week and using three horizontal photographs as one vertical. I just couldn't resist sharing these. In the old city of Barcelona the tiny little streets are packed full of this amazing graffiti. My time here in France is almost over. This weekend I go to Brittney. Cross your fingers I get some sunshine and a nice pictures of my travels for next week.

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