Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have some sad news friends. It seems that I have either misplaced or somehow erased the cards that held the rest of my Miami and Key West photographs on them. Part of me is trying to look at this as a practice of non-attachment. The other half of me is kicking myself for being such an unorganized photographer. So...unless they show up there will be no more sharing of all the wonderful food we ate or the places we visited. All I have left to share are my instagram photos from the trip.

Our last day in Miami we stumbled upon the REAL Wynwood District. Up until then we had been all around the edges of it but hadn't gotten to the real meat of it yet. We were blown away by all the amazing murals and spent a few hours just walking around taking pictures.

Vegan cupcake from Juice and Java. We ate here several times for their smoothies and yummy wraps and breakfast.

Then we went to Key West for a few days.

On our last night we ate at a place called What the Pho and I got this Baby Buddha Bowl.

And that's that. If I do happen to discover where my images are hidden then I will be ecstatic, but for now this is all and I'm trying to be cool with it. Really all it means is that I have to go back to Miami and Key West again!

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