Friday, August 1, 2008

Glasses Case Experiment #1

So Pang makes these really cool glasses cases ( you can see some here) and I wanted to try my hand at being cool too since we are going to be sharing a booth together at an upcoming craft fair in Hagerstown (more on that later). So we went to the fabric store and picked out some cool stuff and then after making a pitstop to Rocky's for pizza (yummers) we went back to Pang's to tackle the sewing machine (which I broke).

here is a work in progress pic. This was after we had cut three squares (1 piece of fabric for the front, one piece for the back, and batting to go in the middle) and sewed them all together on three sides to make a little square with an opening at the top.

here is a shot of Pang being my teachy.

and here is the final product! Not too bad if I do say so myself. Yeah so because I broke the machine we had to do the last part by hand so those crooked little pink stitches you see are all me there!

Project for this monday: Making a sweet cover for our camera straps..stay tooned!

PS: if you want directions for this little glasses case (its not too hard really) I can type them up for you, no problem.

PSS: Pang has better pictures of all this on her blog, I was concentrating real hard on not being ridiculous so I didn't take pictures of the whole thing

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