Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Old Things

Been spending a lot of time in Frederick (it's official, Im distracted) so of course I have to hit up my favorite vintage/antique places and re-establish territory that I haunted all summer. At Venus I happened to come upon this darling little coat and for once it was a reasonable price so I done bought it up.

This soft focus was not on lens doesn't talk to my camera body so I have to imagine where I will be standing and focus to that and then self-time. Sure I could have checked it and refocused afterwards but it looked close enough on the tiny screen so I took my chances, and there you have it a blurry picture.

What I love about Jennifer the owner of Venus is that she takes the time to write unique little things on each tag for each piece of clothing. Here is the one that came with mine( you probably will have to click the picture to see a bigger version so you can actually read it).... this is a little boy's coat...secret's out, I wear children's clothes. And by the way I do feel like a smart little lad in this coat because the sleeves (being designed for kids) are just a tiny bit too snug, as in, no sudden movements. So I have to hold myself all proper-like in this coat.

Drats! Lost a button. Mama Pang..will you fix it?

But wait! There is more. We also went to the Antique Emporium because I was hoping to find more Hazel Atlas juice glasses for m collection and low and behold! There they were! So...i bought them up too. I didn't even know this size existed. These are different from the juice glasses I was looking for because they are wider and shorter but gee whiz they are cute.

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