Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old Smelly Books

Got some new old books! Yay! one but me cares, but people I dont have anything to blog about currently and I leave for Seattle on wednesday so I felt I should write at least one more before I wow you with all the awesomeness of Katy, William and the West coast when I get back.

Lorna Doone is one of my favorite books, so when I saw this little mini version for $2.50, well shoot...I couldn't pass it up

Im suddenly realizing that its totally nerd of me to expose my love of Tarzan books...oh well

Same author of the Tarzan books (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

This one Im pretty excited about!

Alright now this one has a story behind it. This is a book that I have been given to borrow. So..about a year ago I get a customer at Kazu, this hipped out guy with super long hair and tanned skin comes in with his lady friend for dinner. Occasionally you will get a table (like this guy) who really really want to make a connection with you. In fact, I had an older couple come in last night and the man asked me my name right off the bat and then proceeded to call me by name the rest of the night and both he and his wife made very intense (but friendly) eye contact with me whenever I came to the table.
Anywho...this guy (geeze I dont even know his name) was like that. Very friendly, very intense personable eye-contact.
So Im doing my job, whatev..and we're busy, super busy, but he wants to talk, he wants to know my life story, so I stop and talk to them whenever Im at the table for something, all the while processing orders in my heard. At some point he and his friend are talking about the rising influence of women in the world and I just happen to be walking by and he stops me and asks "So what will you do when you rule the world?" (Im starting to get used to the fact that people say weird things to their waitress...remember my marriage proposal story?)
I ask him why he thinks I should even be in any position to rule the world. "Well, you are remarkably beautiful and you seem very intelligent." My face blossoms into a dramatic blush as usual and I glance desperately at his "lady friend" but she just smiles warmly at me. Ok...well thanks for the ego boost but dude its not that easy to rule the world based on those two traits you claim I have. And wouldn't you know it...this turns into a conversation about Hillary...vom. Then at some point he is asking about my views on the position of women today and boy he doesn't know what he's getting into ( i write much better than i speak) so I bumble along on one of my favorite topics (the way in which women are portrayed in antiquated lit and how and when they first made their move from the simpering, subordinate lasses to, what is now a tart and tired saying "independent women.") And I gab and gab and they nod and smile as Im talking about Blackmore and Radcliff and things I imagine they dont give a fig about.
But hey hey man (next time im going to get his name) and his lady friend come in friday night this week and he brings this book, PLUS! a Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell cd and says if I wana talk position of women this is the perfect fodder for a showdown. So a whole year after (we concluded its been a year because the first thing he said to me when I got to the table was "You cut your hair," and I said "Yup...went short last March.") he remembered our conversation and my obsession with old books (especially ones that have a "heroine") and he brought this book for me to borrow.

Here is a look inside the book

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Anonymous said...

So very cool interaction with patrons and even cooler old books. Sorry I didn't get back to you the other day. I didn't manage to make it out on St Patricks, but made up for it by sandwiching it between two irresponsible weeknight evenings of shenanigans. Hope yours was great.