Sunday, March 8, 2009

Picket Pics

Even though I am graduated from Shepherd I have still been taking some pictures for the Picket (the school's newspaper). Since I have nothing else to post for the minute I will share a few.

Collin Luibil and Jeff Bryd posed for this one for me. They had fun.

This one I did for a story for Jeb that ended up not being what he wanted so it wasn't used. There are some major communication problems between the writing and photography side...which is why I prefer to do both. Tess these earings ma be familiar to you :)

This one was for a story about room-mates doing gross hygiene leaving toenails all over the place

I shot this a few days back. Its for a story about how the school would like to cut general education classes back. As in reduce the number of gen ed courses required for graduation so that people can take more classes that have to do with their major. I happened upon this teacher as she was cleaning up after class and she seemed nice so I popped into the classroom and explained the set-up and she agreed to sit sadly as if she is waiting for a class of students to show up who never will. Part of this story also kinda has to do with how adjunct teachers will have to be fired because of the gen-ed reduction. She was happy to oblige. you can see my "assignments" are generally not that interesting but do provide some stimulation and experience. I haven't written a piece since the inauguration and it feels like it may be time again.


Tess Carter said...


Nessa Kessinger said...

that teacher told me she used to smoke pot to relieve her period cramps when she was a youngin' =)

she was my economics teacher, and she made me twitch when she taught because she yelled at odd times.

she's lovely!

also -- i love what you did with the assignmenttsss