Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Skinnies

Pang and I are putting in apps for a craft fair called the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market. You have to submit pictures so Pang obliged me with an awkward photoshoot. Im going to try to sell some little scarves. Or just give them away when they don't like I have been doing.

Two scarves in one, getting crafty

Oh! also, check the new hat. I was looking for one of these while I was in Florida shopping with my Grandma, and we couldn't find one. Then, she found this in one of her old cedar chests, so now its even cooler.

Pang said this looked too much like a necktie because it was all loose

So I tightened it up and cheesed

And now look nonchalant...or awkward works too

1 comment:

patrick larsen hamilton said...

how long have you had this blog? are you designing those scarves? you're so fashionable! i miss you!