Monday, March 1, 2010

Ingerland Ingerland Part 3: Brighton

On day 3 of my stay with Adam and Lizzie they took me to Brighton for the day. Perfect. We started by walking down to the pier and getting a look at the ocean. Then we headed up into the Lanes. The Lanes are little streets full of shops. Some were the size of hallways where you had to slide past old ladies with their fancy bags and young tourist families carting around their disinterested children. Others were normal sized streets. All were pretty cool. Adam and Lizzie thought I would like Brighton because it has a "hippy" feel to it. Why does everyone think Im a big hippy?! In any case they were right on the money and I loved it. Full of cool unique clothing shops, tattoo parlors, and restaurants (I spotted several exclusively vegetarian ones!)

Welcoming party.

like this exquisite portrait of E. J. in jelly beans

Animal friendly shoes :)

Cool murals.

This is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Apparently George IV, Prince of Wales, got it into his head that this little palace would really liven up Brighton.

For lunch we went to the Grand where we got a traditional tea service lunch. It doesnt look like much when they bring it out but none of us were able to finish it! For those of you not familiar a tea service is a three tier dish with little finger sammies on the bottom (cream cheese and cucumber for me), scones and jam or clotted cream on the second tier, and treats on the top tier. Somehow in my hunger I didnt get a picture of the sammies! Here is a example I pulled from google. They are basically just little soft bread sammies with the crust cut off. You feel like a right posh kid eating these things.

The scones. Now let me tell you a little thing about scones. Apparently us 'Mericans dont pronounce it right. I pronounce it scone rhymes with bone. Wrong. I was recounting our little adventure to Adam's dad and I said how good the scones were. "Scones?" he said with a slightly pained look on his face. "You mean sgones." "No I'm pretty sure it's scones. There is an "e" at the end therefor it should be a hard "o" sound." He laughed at my folly. "No it's sgones, because once you eat it, it's gone get it?"

After the meal we ran down to the pebble beach to catch the sun peaking out of the clouds.

The burned down pier you should recognize from my coast to cote project.

Mushy Peas?

It might be hard to see in this picture but there were starlings flying everywhere by the pier! I took a video but it doesn't want to post so you will have to imagine. Sorry.

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