Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nashville By Day

On our full day in Nashville we packed in a ton of sightseeing. Marty grew up in Nashville and has spent lots of time exploring the city so he was a great guide.

We also had a little task we wanted to complete while in Nashville. Rachel had the idea to leave a hidden note somewhere in the city for a friend of hers who spends much of the year on the road performing, but who rests his weary boots back home in Nashville.

We chose to hide the note at the Nashville Public Library in a little whisky bottle she bought at an antique store. Within the next few days we should hear from him to see if the note was still where we left it!

My favorite part of the library - aside from all the books, duh - was the Civil Rights Collection. A whole room full of photographs, books and videos about the Civil Rights Movement! In particular the Nashville sit-ins, organized by the Nashville Student Movement, played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. The NSM created the Ten Rules of Conduct for Civil Rights Movement Sit-ins - which were the behavioral standards written by this group to create an effective sit-in. Those ten rules are etched into the glass tabletops in room.

The library also has an extensive wing dedicated to children's literature and this cool puppet theater room with this semi-creepy giant head.

On the top floor of the library there is a collection of old prints and photographs. I liked this one.

Down on Broadway there is this cool print shop called Hatch Show Print. Hatch Show started in 1879 and is still rolling out new prints - making it one of the country's oldest print shops still producing art. Because much of their work has featured and promoted the country singers of our past like Johnny Cash - they operate within the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you are in Nashville stop in to watch them at work, visit shop kitty, or buy a print or tshirt. Ask about their internships if you want to learn how to press!

Marty also took us to Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles. Now I have to admit, I'm not really a popsicle gal. They drip down your arm and get all sticky and messy. I'm not even really an ice cream cone girl either. I always liked to have it in a cup. BUT - on a hot summer day such as this day I did enjoy these exotically flavored cooling treats.

We also grabbed some sammies at Fido. I found their vegan spicy chocolate cookies more exciting than the sammie but it WAS my first white eggplant sammy - so that's special right?

We really only scratched the surface of Nashville on this trip but I really enjoyed our whirlwind tour. Marty and Rachel are my favorite people to travel with.

One of my favorite places that we went (but I didn't take any pictures of - ugh) was Local Honey. The group of young, self-taught females who outfit this store with creative and beautiful wardrobe pieces really blew me away with their individual styles. They buy vintage pieces and then stitch and embellish them into completely new garments. I bought a few new skirts and shirts and didn't even have to experience any sticker shock.

Look for the Nashville By Night post next!

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