Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer To Do List: Pick Fruit

So I've made myself a To Do list for the summer. Some of it is businessy (build a website - yuck) but most of it is fun. While in Atlanta I got to cross off something from my list - picking fruit.

About a 45 minute drive outside of Atlanta is Foxbrier Farm where you can go to pick some Boe Berries. Giant plywood signs with the word Blueberry followed by a giant blue dot is the only clue you will see once you get back on the winding road to the farm.

We pulled up to the house and knocked on the door. Nothing. Is anyone home? Maybe we should have called first. We scrounge around facebook looking for a phone number while arguing about whether its Boe Berry or Boe's Berries or Boe Berries. A woman answers the phone and assures us we are in the right place. "Do you see any buckets?" she asks over the phone. Sitting on the porch were two green plastic buckets. "Ok, take those buckets and go pick berries" she said. So we did.

We found it rather odd that there was no one there to check us in or direct us to the berries but we had no problem finding our way. Armed with buckets we set out to pick the bushes clean.

It turns out that picking blueberries is hard work. There are beetles that buzz angrily at you, bees that follow you and a nasty patch of fire ants gave us all itchy souvenirs to take home. By the end of it our buckets were pretty close to full - even despite Daphne eating more than half of what she picked.

As we sprinted away from the ants and back to the house a tired looking tye-dye clad dude tumbled out of the house and said we owed him about $12. Twelve bucks! We had so many berries that we ate them throughout the weekend. Then we divided them up and Daphne and I took some home, which I literally just finished yesterday.

I kid you not these berries were the best I've had all season. Plump, firm and just slightly tart. If nothing else, picking fruit made me appreciate the food much more as I ate them and simultaneously scratched my bug bites.

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