Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Somewhere New: Atlanta, GA

For the month of July I tagged along with Daphne to visit her sister in Atlanta. I'll admit that I didn't take a lot of pictures on this trip but not for lack of subjects. This city has so many cute little neighborhoods with quirky houses,hipster hangouts and rooftop after rooftop bar. We picked berries, went dancing, watched and old horror movie, sampled local food, drove around the pretty neighborhoods, and even took a sewing class at Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts courtesy of Sarah.

One of my favorite places we visited was the Oakland Cemetery (a favorite hangout spot of Sarah and Thomas). We had a little nap in the grass next to Jackson Maynard - the first black mayor of Atlanta - who we affectionately referred to as May May. This cemetery really reminded me of the day I spent in Pere Lachaise years ago.

It's possible that we went back to this graveyard after dark and told ghost stories. It's possible.

The other things I LOVED about Atlanta was all the great street art! Just look!

On my first day I had a little bit of time to explore Decatur by myself. This area had a bunch of cute little shops and restaurants. I would recommend Squash Blossom for a cute boutique and Raging Burritos for lunch.

Important dude named Stephen Decatur.

Some nice man took my nerdy picture standing in front of a Gaia/Nanook piece.

Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was the morning Daphne and I spent touring Dr. Martin Luther King's Birth Home as well as viewing his tomb and the civil rights museum. The house was gorgeous - you can't take pictures of it though - and much bigger than I had anticipated. As usual, the documents and imagery were all extremely moving and I learned some new key figures in the movement through the interviews and images in the museum. It absolutely astounds me how little we really learn about the Civil Rights Movement in school. It's shameful.

By the end of the trip I really loved Atlanta's charm and vibrant art scene and could imagine myself living in one of it's cool neighborhoods. My only real gripe is that it's not a very walkable city - but I could buy that Vespa I've always dreamed of!

Thanks to Daphne, Thomas and Sarah for a great weekend!



Phil said...

Get a vespa! The most amazing travel machine on the planet. Locally & country-wide.
Vespa cross-country blog: gas prices

Lacey said...

Ugh dont get me started on Vespas. I have ALWAYS wanted one. Daphne actually has one. By the way, do you know this Vespa travel person? I didn't think you could take a Vespa on big roads like that - Daphne says she can't take hers on highways or interstates here.

Phil said...

I do not know this Vespa person. You can't access a highway on them, but highways are lame! It seems highways intentionally meander through the most wretched parts of the states anyway. It would take months, but a cross country trip on a vespa would force you to visit those tiny towns that make America what it is.

You could also just ride it to work and you'd save enough money to fly all over this world!

I think its time for you to get a Vespa.