Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nashville By Night

While we only got to spend one full day in Nashville we got to spend full two nights there. There is a good bit of nightlife, as you might expect, and much of it revolves around the local country music. We sampled a little bit or everything.

Marty took us to the Shelby Street Bridge which both Marty and my other friend from TN referred to as the Pedestrian Bridge. It's this giant structure you can walk out on over the river and get a cool view of downtown. They also opened a big park there for kids with this space-age looking elevator that takes you from the bridge down to the park.

We walked down onto Broadway to rub shoulders with the sweaty drunkies. I think this is a Honkey Tonk...or is it a Hootenanny?

Locals dancing in what appears to be a Hoedown. Strange customs.

We went to Bar 308 to close out the evening. They had lots of fancy looking shots named after writers that I did not partake in. I did however partake of the Connect Four tournament we staged as well as kicking back and watching Ghostbusters on the big screen above us.

This moment was awesome. Rachel had quietly won the turn before and Marty, unaware of her victory, was setting up to take his turn. This was a very stressful moment for

For our last evening we went to Mercy Lounge to see Of Montreal. We got there super early so we walked around town a bit and played pool until the show.

If you haven't been to an Of Montreal show then I don't want to totally ruin the experience by posting a million pictures. In short - It's a fun experience full of dancing and strange costumes.

Tomorrow I take off for Atlanta - expect some fun-filled and hopefully food-filled posts when I return!

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