Saturday, September 13, 2008

Book Update- Twilight Saga

So I finished this series in a whirlwind week a while back and had moved on to other things when i discovered that Stephanie Meyer has a website at which she has posted out-takes and extra perspectives for some of the books in the series. It was while I was milling around there that I came upon the news that she had been in the process of writing a companion novel to Twilight in which the whole first book was told from his perspective. Also, I found out that 12 chapters into her writing there was a leak and her work was posted on the internet, because of that she has postponed finishing it indefinitely. And to cement it even more she also posted the 12 chapters on her website- so it seems pretty clear she will not finish it. A sad day (although I am behind on this news by weeks) for Lacey. Really it would have been cooler probably had she written the whole series from Edward's (the vampire) perspective. But oh well. You can read it here if you have an interest, but I warn you it leaves off right before the meadow scene so its kinda more of a tease than anything else.

Anyhow my sadness over this inspired me to write my own book for my own entertainment. I may post bits and pieces of it here but it would be way too long and too precious to write it all here, so keep your peepers open for that in the future. PS...Hibou is the main character

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