Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking in the Wok

So I am scandalized the say that this is the first time I have used my Wok after getting it for Christmas. I kept telling myself it didn't make sense to use it when I was cooking just for me and I would wait until I had a dinner for Jon planned out. But! Darnit! I will wait no more!

Basically I just threw some oil in the wok with some chopped garlic (2 cloves) and some nice veggies I've been meaning to eat:
Red Cabbage
Brussel Sprouts
Grape Tomatoes
Shiitake Mushrooms
(about a handful of each of these)

I let the garlic cook on its own a bit and then threw in the veggies, stirring occasionally. After a little while I added some chicken broth and let that cook in and then added a little more...maybe 3/4 cup in all? The mushrooms and the tomatoes really benefited from this treatment and in all it made a nice crunchy little wholesome side to my fatty left-over fried rice.

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