Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sewing Scissors and Peach Cobbler

They came they came! My new old things! I ordered these cute little birdy shaped antique sewing scissors from ebay a few weeks back and they finally came (side note...why the f did they take so long!)

Don't look too closely at this picture, there are some rather unsightly Hibou hairs all over this chair, which just happens to be one of her favorite spots. Anywho, I plan to use these in many future projects. Next on the list of new sewing projects are pillow case bags and totes with my own dolls on them. Dolls like this one, which is the doll I made from my trip to Switzerland last year.

On the food side of things, I was feeling like cobbler the other day so I swung over to bread and honey where I knew they had a recipe and whipped up one of my own. If you haven't checked out these two and their awesome food blog do so now!

look at that sweet syrup spilling over

I apologize for the horrendous lighting at Jon's place. I like to use available light as opposed to flash and by this point the sun was down and I had only the drab overhead lights to work with

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Jon said...

This cobbler is awesome!