Thursday, September 18, 2008


Jon got a new ketten (kitten, I say it kEtten with a capital E) and he is a sweet little cowboy of a cat. We threw around a bunch of names (all of mine either food or animal Curry and Bear) but in the end Wyatt seemed to be the best fit. The night I met him of course the only lighting I had was Jon's drab overhead (I really need to just get over my aversion to flashes and get some handhelds already!) so his color looks a little blah here. Also I took this picture during his first few minutes of meeting Surrey so that's why he looks a little mean - sorry Jon! but I promise I will get some better pictures up soon.

We got the ketten in hopes that this sweet little guy will tame our wild jungle cat Surrey into being nicer. Surrey is just feral, she doesn't like to be touched, she doesn't learn from punishment, she's just trouble...which :) before we changed it, was her name. Trouble. That's right. So hopefully now she will be happier because she will have a playmate and a better example to go from. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn't just turn Wyatt into a jungle cat.

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