Friday, August 1, 2008

Les nouveaux choses!

I went to Yesteryears Antique Mall with Chelsea the other day and picked up some pretty neat little things. I found these napkins - a set of ten that I just fell in love with (thanks for buying these for me chels :) late presents are better than no presents). I think I will keep 8 or so of them and use the other 2 for the fabric...maybe make more glasses cases for the craft show. I don't think I will be able to talk Jon into using these ever. am I right? the thought of wiping your mouth with an antique napkin (they may not really be that old..its hard to tell) that an antique person used makes you cringe right? I'll wash them, don't worry.

and here is a close-up


I found the pitcher! Life is complete! Almost...i still need the juice glasses
Background...I have been collecting the Hazel Atlas Pheasant set for the past...year or so? I now have 8 glasses, 4 shot glasses, one juice cup and this brand new (antique) pitcher! Lemonade will be made..jungle juice will be poured, ice tea will be chilled... me so happy


and a close up!

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