Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bordeaux - Cheese and Beauty

Limoges! And our food.

On day 2 of my stay with Pascal and Isabelle we went to Bordeaux. They took me to a special place for lunch, only revealing the secret minutes before we got there. We went to a place called Baud et Millet in Bordeaux that specializes in cheese! Every dish is chocked full of cheese or you can even pay for the cheese buffet (a staggering 23 euros) and have a free for all in the cave (an underground room where they had all the cheeses laid out on plates and a humidifier in the room to keep the cheeses....moldy?)

If you are a cheese lover this is the place for you! The staff was super friendly and even kept us from making a grave mistake. We had planned on getting an appetizer each and then a main dish (more tasting of cheeses you see) but the waiter quickly squashed these dreams, warning us that the plates are huge. Thank goodness he said something! I ordered an eggplant gratin with mixed veggies and rice topped with Gorgonzola and a Raclette cheese. I swear to you it came out in a casserole dish almost as big as a lasagna dish.

The place was decorated with old adverts for cheese and boxes of cheese and posters of cows and goats playing in fields.

After a lunch that left the 3 of us waddling and holding our stomachs Pascal and Isabelle set me loose on the city. We set our meeting place for the Opera House (pictured below) and I set out for a few hours of wandering.

Hopefully the pictures say it all. Bordeaux is (so far) the prettiest French city I had visited and I can't wait to go back and explore it further.

I just thought this was funny...those French people, always cutting people head's off.

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