Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 9

Is there enough going on in the pictures this week?

Pang: I love Anthropologie. Period. But not because I love their clothes and their accessories and their lovely home decor. Ok, I do, but honestly, I can't afford them (like the pieces of furniture I've been drooling over online). What pulls at my heartstrings most are the displays. They come up with the most unique displays sometimes. While visiting the one in Georgetown on my birthday, there was a floor to ceiling shelf full of little blue bottles, all labled, and filled with dried flowers. There were more great displays, but this one caught my eye the most. I loved the fact that it seemed so simple, yet the flowers and the rows of bottles makes the photograph so busy. One day, my future home will look like this...but I might have to hire someone from their display team...hmm.

Lacey: This weekend was Carnival in Limoges! It was soooo cold and fittingly the theme was Limoges in the Wind. We watched the parade of girls in skimpy costumes and elaborately decorated floats but by far the most fun was throwing confetti around afterwards! These are my friends, the other assistants. That guy in the foreground is some stranger. Thanks for getting in my picture dude! geeze!

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