Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 8

Haha...I thought my picture would be too scandalous this week then I read the blurb that Pang wrote for her picture. You win!

Pang: When I saw these moss growing, reaching for the sun, the first thing that came to mind was SPRING!! I know nothing about moss or how they grew but have always enjoyed them because they were plentiful in this area and fuzzy (fuzzy always wins my heart). Upon further research, I found out that I had taken a picture of the young 'sexual organs' of the screw wall will take these guys several to six months to fully mature and become sexual, ready to reproduce. Make sense? A little science lesson for you, so you're welcome.

Lacey: Vacation was great but I must admit that being home in Limoges is great too. Being able to sleep in, eat snacks in bed, spend hours reading. On this particular morning I woke up with the sun blaring in my eyes and was at first annoyed until I realized that it was...sun! In fact, this day of incredible sun came right before the scary storm that left 500,000 French without power and killed close to 50 people just this past weekend. Im not usually one for nudes or semi-nudes but I felt like my brightly colored pj top would ruin the effect of the white light. For some reason this picture makes me think of a shot of a bride - the bare skin of my back and the stark white of the sheet. Hope you all aren't scandalized!


Holly said...

Shocking! I will never look at moss the same way again! :-)

Pang said...
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