Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dune of Pyla

On day three of my stay with Pascal and Isabelle we went to the Dune of Pyla, the largest dune in Europe I'll have you know! In the morning of this day we went to a cafe overlooking the ocean in Lacanau to watch the surfers and eat some treats and discuss our project for the day. The clouds had rolled in overnight and our day threatened to be soggy, but with smiles on faces we decided (or I decided rather and my gracious hosts crossed their fingers) to drive out to the dune and hope for sun. We were rewarded! Enjoy some pictures now.

Isabelle and Pascal

Oysterbeds in the Arcachon Bay

Pascal used to work at a pool located in one of the camping sites right around the dune when he was younger. He said that the dune moves to much that that pool is now UNDER the dune.


We had a lovely walk up and a nice view from the top and we ate some snack and got sand everywhere because just as we sat down the wind whipped up and Pascal was finding sand in his pockets all the rest of the night!

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