Tuesday, October 6, 2009

After the first class

Ok I dont know how to make the image you see here one of my choosing. Thats why I look epileptic.

So i had my orientation and they assured me that I should be observing at least one class before teaching so tomorrow I will be doing that, and then teaching 3 or 4 other classes this week after that.
Still havent met all of my teachers that Im working with.
Slowly getting through the paperwork involved here like the:
Social Security paperwork
OFII ( bascially letting France know im here and setting up my obligitory
medical visit)
Getting insurance for the room im staying in
Carte De Sejour (something I have to get IN ADDITION to my workers visa but its
basically the same thing)
Getting my bank account set up and my salary in order
There are all kinds of other things but thats boring for you all.

I have a better idea of my role now as an assistant. I dont really need to teach them grammer but i can certainly reinforce it. For example, I plan to play Go Fish with one class this week. They will practice the numbers and also practice the verb To Have, how its conjugated and all that by saying: Do you have a Queen, ect.
Basically I need to make them speak as much as possible.

I went out to a bar last night with some new friends and one of the girls brought her French boyfriend. Man that must be such awesome awesome practice. More so because he pretty much refuses to speak English. He understands a good bit but just doesnt speak. That seems to be the problem with the children too. They can read it and understand it a lot of the time but they just wont speak.


shellsea said...

haha that lunch sounds delicious! i am jealous. lunch at the jefferson school is almost always some kind of meat (they don't even have fish!) and the only option they have for vegetarians is the salad bar and sometimes sides. plus, it's disgusting. i feel really bad for the kids that have to eat it everyday.

sounds like you're doing really well, a lot of your teaching ideas sound really good. i wish i could somehow send you a game like uno that you could play with the kids to teach them numbers and colors. that would be great. i don't know how advanced they are, but that'd be great for beginners.

i just sent you a postcard so i hope that you get it soon! looking forward to hearing more from you! i miss you.

Tess Carter said...

PLEASE teach english to french kids using a game called uno... that, is simply too hilarious! :D :D

Sounds like you're doing great- praying for you here, I know it can't be easy. PS your walls look empty, send me your address!

Lacey said...

I actually brought UNO...haha, so yes, that will happen! First Im using regular cards for the GO FISH but Uno is on the way and Im sure it will be fun!
Tess I will send the addy via facebook.

Kinsley said...

Hey Lacey...another idea for working with English with your advanced kids would be the game Apples to Apples. You would have to go through and remove some of the cards and you might have to explain some of them but basically the game is about matching nouns to adjectives. Someone draws an adjective (ex. funny) and everyone else has 7 noun cards in their hands and they have to choose the noun they feel best matches that adjective. It could be a fun way to incorporate English maybe.