Monday, October 12, 2009

Bedroom Tour

Don't get excited. Its not that long of a tour.
Alright, as promised I'm going to start showing you around the school a bit in my vlogs. I have to keep them real short because I've been spending up to half an hour waiting for them to load.


James said...

I love that the window shade is operated buy a crank. I need one of those!

Oh, I have a question. Are the public restrooms there coin-operated?
Pay-to-play, so to speak?

Lacey said... to play. Uhm...I dunno - let me look into that! I know there are ones in Paris that look like a huge green recycling canister and you pay to get into those. They're just random on the sidewalks.
The ones in Limoges don't seem to be money operated. They're co-ed, kinda separated by a half wall. Free to play?
I will take a picture of the one here and in Paris and post it when I have more info.