Thursday, October 15, 2009

Books and Botanicals

Found this cool little book store the other day and was dying to go in. It was closed. Oh what's that you say? Closed? In the middle of the day on a Saturday? Typical.

But, unlike many of the other cool shops I have found - this one is right around the corner from my place so I can get back to it super easy. YAY for not having to wind up and down a bigillion little alley streets that all look alike looking for the ONE postcard shop I wanted to find (your welcome Ryan, I spent 45 minutes looking for this shop again only to find it on a day it was closed and have to come back another day, got some cool postcards though).

This one in particular interested me.

Since there was no shopping to be done on this particular day we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens which are right behind the Cathedrale and feature an Orangerie as well. I hope this Orangerie blooms in the spring before I leave France.

This is actually a separate garden right next to the Botanical gardens but whatev.

This is Lizandro. He's Colombian and he's here in Limoges teaching Spanish at the same College (middle school) as me, but he's also teaching at the lycee (high school) in addition. He lives in the room right next to mine at the school.

Hopefully the flowers will be wild and wonderful before I come home in the spring and I can snap some pictures and spend my days lazing around on a bench with a book.

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