Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping and Sightseeing on a Sunday

Sundays, as I may have already said, can be kinda dull in France. Almost everything is closed. The library, the mall, the bakeries, most of the cafes. I'm serious about things being closed.
So! I was ever so excited to stumble upon a flea market in the streets this past Sunday. Apparently it happens every 2nd sunday of every month and it's huge! It takes up like 5 different streets.
I got a little overly excited about the treat eating aspect of it and bought my churro bouquet a little to early and so I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to because I had a hand full of fried bread and sugar.
Here is what I did photograph though :)

Obviously I was very interested in these little beauties. I'm not sure what they were exactly though I think they were button covers. They had little prongs on the back that looked like you could open them, slip this over the button and then close the prongs around the back of the button. I waited around at this booth for a few minutes waiting for my chance to ask how much they were because they weren't market but some lady in front of me was talking the merchant's ear off and I had to hurry to see the rest of the booths because people were starting to pack up their things. Alas! Maybe they will still be there next time?

This made me laugh when I saw it because it's so tiny, and I think it was Pang who made the joke that she should send me an Easy-Bake oven since I don't have an oven to use at the school and I so do love to bake treats.

These made me think of Pang because she always buys flowers at the farmer's market. I almost bought some for myself but realized I had nothing to put them in.

Happy flower buyers

Then there were some things that are just kinda strange...or junk? Oddly presented I suppose we could say.

This is what I really came for though! I saw someone walking around with a cone of these and knew I had found my dinner for the night. For real. This was my dinner.

And this is what I came home with. I payed way to much for it but I just saw it and thought of putting a tiny picture of Hibou in it and wearing it on the collar of my winter coat or something like that and I had to have it. Now if only I had a tiny picture of Hibou handy.

Also today I went into the Cathedrale Saint Etienne which is in historic area (haha they have "historic areas" to cities that are older than America) of the city and is also where the flea market was.

Typical beautiful church with typical amazing stained glass.

I also popped into the Musee de la Resistance for an hour or so. It was a small museum all about the people of Limoges and France in general and their part in WWII and especially about their roll in the resistance. Interesting exhibit and not something we generally learn about in the states during our 5 consecutive years of the same history lesson on WWII.
If you don't speak or read French this will be a very quick museum to visit because all the signs are in French and of course the old newspapers and stuff too. Pretty interesting stuff. Like I didn't know that carrier pigeons were used during the war but apparently they were used by the hundreds.

All in all it was a pretty great day, especially because I thought it was going to be boring.


Tess Carter said...

OMG some of those junky lamps look like they have sooo much potential... the doll heads though- just creepy.

Deb Walker Green said...

I thought that church was going to be pretty cool inside when we went by it, glad you got a chance to go in and get such pictures!

Lacey said...

I actually thought of you Tess when I took that picture. I saw those lamps and thought - i bet if Tess were here she would have all kinds of awesome ideas for this junk. Im so bad at home decorating - im too lazy. I'll just live vicariously through you :)