Thursday, October 8, 2009

uhhh do you has any brovers or seesters?


Some cool things I taught the class today that they didn't know

-referring to a couple as "a thing"
-referring to your loved one as your "ball and chain"
-referring to your girlfriend or wife as "my old lady"
-refering to your significant other as your "main squeeze" (they really didnt get this one)
-explained how PDA is not as common in the states and explained the phrase "get a room!" (this actually kinda scandalized them!)
-explained the concept of a sugerdaddy/mama

-they pretty much couldn't imagine life without rugby and wanted me to explain the difference between that and football.. i failed
-the girls were super interested in the Pom Squad and I have been asked to find a youtube video or something to bring in

Also in other news..I have internet on my laptop at school now...much good it will do me. The school system has blocked a bunch of websites, even on my personal laptop, including facebook, dailybooth, and blogger. Don't know about skype yet but I have my fingers crossed. On top of that I don't even get internet in my room. I have to go to the kitchen or maybe I should try going out in the hall.
Its not the end of the world. I can still go to the library (where i walk everyday, buns of steel i tell you!) but it closes at 7 most days and isn't open at all on Sunday. I don't know if this will cure or intensify my facebook addiction.


Tess Carter said...

I enjoy listening to/watching your vlogs :)

Sounds like things are going well- too bad the kids sound a lot like American students lol. Jamie in Kenya said her students are amazing- most kids don't get that much education, so they're super polite and always anxious to learn. She was shocked lol. Glad to know America isn't the only country with whiny students. :) Keep us updated!

Robin said...

Bonjour Lacey (Lucie, en français?)

J'aime bien ton blog. Je m'appelle Robin, je suis Français et j'habite la Bourgogne.

I like your blog. My name is Robin, I'm french and live in Burgundy. It sounds like you don't speak french? A little bit? Anyway, you're cute.

Lacey said...

Je suis tres content que tu amie mon blog Robin! Je n'ai su pas que j'ai des lecteurs francais! Quelle suprise!
Je parle un peu de francais mais je ne parle pas couramment francais. Un jour j'espere. C'est pourqoui je suis ici, en France. J'etudie le francais depuis 5 ans, mais j'ai pensee, c'est mieux ci j'apprend le langue en France.
Bourgogne, c'est pres de Limoges?

Robin said...

Bonjour Lacey,

I'm going to write to you in english, it's better for you to understand. But I hope we'd meaby speak in french someday.

You'd never guess but I was married to an american woman, older than me and I spent a lot of time, at least a year, in North Carolina, where we used to live. And... I was fond of Washington DC! I wanted to be a guide in french there... So I made many trips to DC from NC and took many pictures... I was in love with this city and my "wife" was jealous of course (she had to be).

Anyway, I used to speak, to write in english. I discovered your blog yesterday only and haven't read everything. I like the colors, the atmosphere of your blog, I love your little face and I think this is pretty courageous what you do. Go on!

The Bourgogne is above Limoges, on the Northeastern corner of France. Dijon is the main city.

A bientôt, Robin