Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby's First Day of School

Oh school days. I must say though, I have been very productive today, unlike all the empty days of summer that I whiled away reading the Twilight Series..not that I regret that :)

So the only class I had today was Chemistry in Society - big 50 student lecture hall class, but I think it's going to be pretty cool actually. The professor is a woman that spent most of her life as a researcher for the army making body armor and other fun things like that. She spent the first 15 minutes of class trying to convince us that science is cool - don't worry lady, Bill Nye took care of that one already - by showing us pictures of "real scientists" and telling us about her old jobs. From what I've heard of this class we will be learning what kind of stuff is in everyday household items...good thing I'm already using mostly natural products

After class I went to Ab Attack - a 30 min class that's all core, I just keep telling myself pain is beauty :) No really it should help with so many things to have a strong core, and I've always had kinda a lame one - but no more!

On to dinner! I call this

Don't Ruin Your Work-Out Salad

1 cup 50/50 salad (50 percent salad, 50 percent spring mix)
half an avocado, sliced
1/3 cucumber, sliced
1 carrot, cut
2 medium radishes, sliced
half a hamsteak, sliced
olive oil as salad dressing

Basically I just throw it all together and dig in! Now I know hamsteak is not the most healthy meat to be eating on my salad, BUT whenever I work out I always want to come home and binge on sweet and/or salty food. Hamsteak takes care of my salt craving without me stuffing my face with chips.

Here's what it looks like...yummers right?

Then! I finished a project...well started and finished it in the same day (woop woop)

Not to pat my own head but I did real good :) Katy will be so pleased with this I think. I will take a picture of the full thing tomorrow. I would have tonight but I wanted to attach it to the camera and take a picture in the mirror so you can see how it looks on but Im already in jam jams for the night.

THEN! I made some fresh bread...look for the recipe tomorrow yall!


Jon said...

I want a Don't Ruin Your Workout Salad! (I also need a workout.) That camera strap looks good! Man, I wish I was still in school--that class sounds like a lot of fun--cool teacher too :)

Lacey said...

the salad was pretty good, I must admit :) And thanks, I'm really proud of how the camera strap turned out.